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Middle Years Youth

The Middle School Years are filled with unique challenges for parents and kids.  At Emmaus Road we tackle these challenges head on by offering a variety of ways that kids can engage with caring adults and take a step towards Christ by Confirming their faith.

Sunday Morning Small Group

On Sunday mornings, we have a dedicated middle-years small group that meets during the service.  


Kids will tackle issues that are unique to their life stage and also learn to apply God's word to the real world.

The more often middle years kids are connecting with the same adult and small group on Sunday mornings, the more they will be impacted by this positive and supportive environment!


Social Events & Retreats

  • Once a month we have a social time for our middle years students called the "HALF-MONTH-HANGOUT" on a Sunday after church.

  • In the Fall & Spring we host retreats for middle-years students at Camp Lone Star (

  • Every summer, middle years students are invited to attend a week of summer camp with other youth from ER.

  • We also try to provide an opportunity for middle years students to attend a servant event trip in the summer depending upon what opportunities are available in the area.

Confirming Your Faith 7th - 9th Grade

The middle years are an important transition time for young people.  One of the biggest transitions most kids make is from a childhood faith based on their parents, to a faith in Jesus that belongs to them.  


To help facilitate that transition, beginning in 7th grade, we offer a program of faith instruction that culminates in middle years students

Confirming their Faith in front of the congregation.

The program is flexible and works like this:

  • Each child wishing to confirm their faith completes 4 modules:


  • Module 1 – “A Broken Humanity and a Gracious God” is offered as an overnight retreat (Open to all 6th-9th graders) at Camp LoneStar in La Grange TX.  

  • Module 2 – “The Sacraments: Baptism & The Lord’s Supper” is taught classroom-style over 4 weeks (one hour per week).  We work out the schedule each fall meeting either on a weeknight evening or Sundays after church.

  • Module 3 – “Following Jesus: Developing Lifelong Habits of Faith” is a weekend retreat (open to all 6th-9th graders) in late March or late April.

  • Module 4 – “Taking A Step Towards Christ – Your Story” is a personal testimony that each student writes with help from their parents and pastor.  Once their testimonies finished, we shoot a video recording it for the family and the congregation.  As soon as the testimony is recorded we schedule a confirmation day.

  • Each module is offered every year​ and can be completed in 1 or 2 years.

  • Once all four modules are complete, a Sunday morning date can be scheduled to Confirm Your Faith and celebrate with family and friends!!  

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